The gaming hosting of the future.

It's time to give up on Zap Hosting. We present you the new service made by gamers for gamers.
A place where you can feel free to customize your own hosting plan, without exorbitant prices.



But, what makes us different?


Control your server with a very simple and beautiful dashboard.

Automated Setup

After ordering, in order to enjoy the product, your service will be delivered immediately!

Mobile App? We gotch you!

Want a mobile app to manage/pay your services? Say no more, we got what you need.

Freedom of Customization

When ordering the service, you can customize the ram and storage you need.

Powerful Hardware

We work with the best hardware to offer you the best in terms of performance.


We're always here to help you, so we provide live chat and tickets.

Our Dashboard

We offer a simple and intuitive dashboard so that you feel comfortable using it. Our panel also has addons to make your server development easier and better.


Fully Customizable

Unlock a world of possibilities with Nikyus Hosting. Discover the unparalleled freedom to customize RAM and storage according to your whims, making every byte of your gaming experience truly exceptional. Elevate your gameplay – your rules, your hosting.


Manage and pay services with your smartphone.

Consult your services and never forget to pay for your services.
With our app you can pay for your services, consult all active services and see the invoices for all the payments you've made.
Enough of hostings that don't care about users, come and experience us!


See what our customers have to say!


Good and fast hosting. It's amazing how I can manage and pay for all services through my smartphone. I've never seen anything like it!


Fast service, and a hosting that offers numerous customization options. Prices are also attractive.


First time I see a hosting that lets you customize the server's RAM and Storage exactly as you intend.


Fast service, when I made the payment I received the server immediately. The support has also helped with some doubts that I had at the beginning, I recommend it!

Mobile App to Pay/Manage?
We gotch you!

Tired of confusing hosting that doesn't even have a mobile app
to manage and pay all your services?
Think no more, we have everything you need right here!


Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a server at Nikyus Hosting is simple!

You need to create a Nikyus account, after that verify your email address. When you sign in, on your left side you will see the "Order Product" menu (On your smartphone you have to open the top tab on the left side), after that select the type of server and its location. After that, configure the type of billing cycle you want and just click on Pay!

After making payment, our system will analyze your requests and deliver the service in less than 1 minute! ⚡ Fast, isn't it?

We will always be available to answer you in our Livechat that is in the lower right corner of the page, or through our discord, creating a ticket in the "#create-a-ticket" channel.

Ready for the future?Rent your server today!